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Supporting local stallholders & community from Albany, Denmark, Porongurup, Mt Barker, Narrikup, Kendenup and surrounds

We like to keep things pretty simple and positive here.

We believe in common country decency, and so unless there is need to change at a later date, we just have some simple guidelines at this stage.

1) We support local. When we have a range of businesses wanting a stall, if there is a choice between one within the local shire and one from elsewhere, we will support the local business. Having said this, we try to have a few of each stall, not a monopoly.

2) Not every stall from elsewhere is a “blow in”. Small towns need services and products that are not always available locally, and by offering this opportunity to others, these stalls from surrounding areas are helping to support our country towns. For example, at the moment we do not have many fresh produce stallholders – if we were able to source these from elsewhere and they were to come on a regular basis then yes! we would welcome them in!

3) We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. This includes abusing or being nasty to others based on age, gender, race, personal views, religion, politics or anything really! You may have a difference of opinion, but play nice.

4) Support one another, refer to one another and help build each other up!

5) We support local community where we can.

What if something goes wrong? What if I have a concern?

Speak to Kate – the Market Coordinator either at the event or after (if you prefer to be out of ear shot). Kate’s mobile is (0493) 044 235.
You can also send a message via our Contact Page here

Who gets approved?

Before any decision is made regarding stallholders, all stallholders must be approved per Shire of Plantagenet guidelines. This means that you are approved to operate under Markers & Fairs as a stallholder and that all food businesses are registered under the Food Act (and approved by the local Environmental Health Officer).

What about COVID-19?
We do not list this on the website as it is constantly changing based on current WA Health and government guidelines.
We seek the advice of the COVID Helpline if uncertain if something applies to our markets, however we abide by any directive where required. This includes having the Safe WA QR code check ins and mandatory registration register.
At the time of this website going live, masks and vaccine mandates do not apply to these markets (however they do apply to some stallholders based upon their business types). We will update this once we are clearer about requirements, and inform stallholders accordingly.

What about Insurance?
Whilst the event is insured, each individual stallholder requires insurance also.
If you do not have your own insurance, you will be charged additional insurance to cover this.

What can I sell?

Discuss this with Kate and as part of your application.
If you want to add products to your range, just ask!
You are welcome to have promotional materials for other areas of your business.

Can I get involved?

Come and chat!
We are always open to ideas and input.
All volunteers will be acknowledged.

What about supporting local community groups?
Whilst this market is run by an individual business, a number of stalls and fundraising spots have been provided free to a local community group to support them in their fundraising efforts. You also have the option at each market of donating to various local community groups. (Note; An invoice can be provided for this and any money collected on your behalf will be forwarded with a receipt and email to both you and them).

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